Welcome to Pink Recycling California

Welcome to Pink Recycling California

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I want to make PINK RECYCLING the project that takes care of the environment, like a mother takes care of her children and at the same time provide support to women. This project today is my passion, the legacy I would like to leave to my daughters and the footprint of my passage through this mother earth

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Our Online store offers a wide range of eco-friendly products, supported by a mission of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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Pink Recycling give you the independence you need to make your own business decisions. for a cleaner and balanced planet.

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Our Mission

About us

Our mission is to promote environmental sustainability and benefit the planet through collaboration with government entities, industry peers, and society at large. We firmly believe that working together is the key to achieving a cleaner environment and ecological harmony.

Our Vision

Pink Recycling aims to empower women by including them in the recycling industry and helping them achieve personal and economic success. The ultimate goal of Pink Recycling is to create a program that supports women in vulnerable situations by providing training programs in collaboration with non-profit organizations. These programs will enable women to gain immediate employment and a source of income.

Family-owned company from Orange County proudly serving individuals and businesses in Southern California.

34232 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite E, Dana Point, CA 92629


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